Finding The Right Product For Your Customers

Finding The Right Product For Your Customers3 min read

Seth-Godin- Products for your customers

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”

–Seth Godin

Products are the things people need, which helps them in doing things in a better way. Seth Godin is stating the fact that we need to prioritize our customers’ needs. Products are essential in all businesses, but we need to match the products with our customers’ needs. Our customers are important to us. So don’t go out to find the right customers; go and look for what your customers truly need.

After looking at Seth Godin’s Quote ask yourself these following questions=

  • On which customers should I be focusing?
  • What do they require?
  • What do they want?
  • What kind of solutions are they looking for?
  • How can I provide them these things?

We don’t attract buyers just to get them to buy our products. Try to get close to them and build relationships by providing solutions to their problems. We all know; a product is of no use if nobody needs it. We must look at products from a different perspective. Our products should be helping customers.

Building a customer-centric strategy

1. Collaborate with customers


Collaborating with customers can create an overall better experience. Collaboration can help you bring more leads, deals, and various other benefits. But keep in mind, collaboration shouldn’t slow down your productivity, because that would make things complicated for the customer.

2. Make your customers feel heard

Making your customer feel heard

Making the customer feel heard is a big part of customer focus. And when customers feel they’re not being heard, that’s when things start going wrong.

3. Meet your customers where they are

communication channels

Its easier to focus on a single communication channel and providing a good experience from there. But, communicating to your customers via their channel of choice can increase loyalty. This allows customers to reach out to you whenever and however they want.

4. Use feedback to improve


Knowing how to handle customer feedback is another great skill, required in adopting a customer-centric strategy. Make the customer feel heard and use their feedback to create a better experience.

Try adjusting your focus to the customer. This small change of mindset can do wonders for you and your brand.

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