Emotional Appeal in Marketing

Emotional Appeal in Marketing4 min read


No matter how many machines get invented, humans will always be emotional beings. Emotions have a strong influence on our decision-making process. Emotions are a part of social life, but they play a crucial role in marketing products. Evoking strong emotions through advertisements can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies. Learn to use emotional appeal in your marketing campaigns for better results. Here are the steps involved in making a successful emotional marketing campaign.

1. Identify the challenges faced by the customer

Use emotions to understand their pain points. Understand the problems faced by the customers.

Knowing the problems and pain points of the customers will aid you in identifying the aspects, which other companies are lacking. Understand the problems faced by the customers and provide specific solutions through your products/services. Try to solve their problems and bring a smile to their face. Customers are more likely to buy your products if it solves their problems. Products seem more emotionally appealing to them when you understand their problems, and marketing products become easier.

2. Elaborate how your brand is improving their lives

Focus on showing how your brand is improving their lives.

Make your target audience realize the importance of your product and how it’s positively helping them. Share positive customer reviews about your brand and focus on how your products helped them. Make the customers curious about your brand and your products/services.

3. Show customers the feeling of belonging

Let customers feel that they are a part of the bigger group.

Belongingness is a great quality that helps people emotionally connect with your brand. This is mainly because everyone wants to be a part of the group; no one wants to be left alone. Having social proof is very important. This is why most industry giants get more clients, which leads to increased sales and profits.

4. Ask customers for their feedback

Use customer feedback in a positive way and improve

Customers have the habit of trusting companies that showcase the experiences of existing customers and how they feel about their brand. Also, the comments on social media platforms are important for the reputation of your brand. Try to respond to most of the comments and learn to take criticism in a positive way to improve your brand.

5. Learn the art of storytelling to become a better marketer

Storytelling makes customers feel emotional. Learn the art of storytelling to market your products in an efficient way

Once you know your target audience personally and emotionally, start telling stories to which they can relate. People love to hear stories that they can empathize with, learn from, or be inspired by. Nike has mastered the art of storytelling. Almost every campaign of Nike revolves around some story. Nike doesn’t just tell its own stories: they’re pretty passionate about giving others a voice, as well. Don’t always speak about your brand; narrate stories that make people feel special and wanted.

Make your audience FEEL

Emotional marketing can be confusing and tricky, but it shouldn’t be hard for marketers to take advantage of it. We all are humans anyway, so we all inherently feel emotions. Most big brands use emotional appeal in their marketing campaigns to drive sales and get new customers.

So, the next time you’re creating content for your target audience, remember to leverage emotions to build a strong, powerful message. The main idea is to drive engagement and connect with the audience. Stick to your brand’s promise to make the connection feel authentic and make sure your message is heartfelt.

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